Allison Bamcat is a contemporary illustrator living in Los Angeles, CA. Through her use of lumpy props and characters suspended in a candy-coated landscape, speckled with botanicals, Bamcat's works transport the viewer to a friendly, nostalgic, yet unsettling terre noire. The fine craft of her acryla gouache paintings collide with her background in commercial print and pattern design, resulting in her creation of a wide array of bouncing conversational and floral prints for companies including Converse, Chiefton Supply, Jade Clark UK, and Bern Unlimited. She recently relocated to sunny LA from Boston, where she enjoys exploring, eating at ramen bars, and daydreaming in her home studio.


With all handmade goods, please keep in mind there are sometimes tiny flaws that do not affect function, such as an extra stitch here and there. Please contact us at allison.bamcat@gmail.com for any questions.