Allison Bamcat is a contemporary illustrator from Boston, MA. Bamcat creates lumpy objects and characters suspended in a candy-coated universe, with sentient stuffed animals and anthropomorphic ghosts making up the general population. The fine craft of her paintings collides with her concentration in product surface design, resulting in an array of bouncing conversational repeat prints for her handmade soft goods. She resides outside of Boston, MA with her husband and two cats. She enjoys forensic TV shows and peanut butter ice cream.

Every piece is painstakingly created by hand in Bamcat's home studio, and every bag is carefully sewn with obsessive attention to detail. All hand-sewn goods are proudly made in the USA. All paper, fabric, thread, screenprints, printed pieces, stickers and buttons are all sourced and purchased from American vendors. Enamel pins and patches are currently sourced from China, with plans to produce all goods in the USA by Summer 2017.


Because all goods are made by hand, please keep in mind there are sometimes tiny flaws that do not affect function, such as an extra stitch here and there. Please contact us at allison.bamcat@gmail.com for any questions.