Shipping Final Dates, SOWA Recap, and Holiday Wishes

December 14, 2015 Allison Frederiksen

Still in so much denial that we're mid-way through December. Here in Boston, we've had a few weeks of 50 degree weather. So deceptive to walk outside and have it feeling like spring is here! 



This past weekend, Bamcat Handmade made its first ever appearance at the SOWA Boston Chrismukkah holiday market. What a warm welcome! Half of my stock was gone by Saturday morning!! One of the biggest hits was my Holiday Kitties Wrapping Paper. and my handmade bags got a lot of love! Next year, I'll be sure to have plenty more wrapping paper lined up. 


Can you really believe next week is Christmas??? (insert shocked face emoji) Everything in my shop is ready to ship, but you have to place your order by December 19th (this Friday!!) to get your order in time for Christmas!! Don't miss out! 


Bamcat Handmade will be taking a holiday vacation between December 20th through January 10th to recoup, destress, and relax with family. In that time I will not be filling orders. Instead I'll be planning ahead for the spring and getting some new ideas down on paper. 


And last but not least, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!! This first year as Bamcat Handmade would have been impossible without the faith, feedback, hugs, patience, and enthusiasm shown by my friends, family, and customers. You've made this all worthwhile, and I couldn't be more excited to see what's in store for 2016. Thank you for making this possible! Lots of love, Bamcat XOXO


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